Here is an unfortunate update on Recycling/Garbage.  I was hoping not to have to discuss this topic again but our garbage pick-up provided has left me no choice.


Last year our contracted provider (We-Care) went out of business.  The default contract went to Casella Waste Management.  The good news is that our weekly contract was continued without interruption.  The bad news – Casella came to us with a significant price increase.


The reason was the cost of recycling, not garbage.  As many of you may already know, China was taking 90% of all U.S. recycling prior to last year.  Then they abruptly stopped taking any.  Our country was not prepared for this.  We had virtually stopped our inventive processes as it was simply much cheaper to ship it out.


The bottom line is the Village pays for garbage/recycling with your tax dollar.  We negotiate a contract and figure those costs into the total tax rate.  These costs have suddenly escalated.  Here is what Casella’s new rates are Garbage @ $47/ton has not changed and Recycling – $130/ton is the new split out higher cost.  Almost $100,000 of your standard Village $600,000 budget is already spent on the garbage service.


So what are our options?  We can pay (and we are obligated to) the higher costs.  But we can also change our habits.  Morally, recycling is the right thing to do.  But our provider and other large haulers are just putting it in large dump piles.  As much as I hate to advocate this, our other option from paying the higher costs is to revert back to the pre-recycling days.  Put most of our waste right in the garbage.  Not only does Casella state that is a solution, but there was a national show on NBC nightly news where large city managers and mayors said the same thing.


I cannot dictate what you do.  But even my family is making this unfortunate unhealthy long term decision – for now.  The cost and the benefits of recycling don’t match.  Bag it up and skip the recycling when you can!



Bud Shattuck