I am sorry to have to give this news, but there will be no swimming at the Frontenac Park beach this summer.  We advertised for Life Guards and tried other recruiting methods, and we got zero responses.  The Village predicament is not an anomaly as word of other popular beaches across the state are also not opening for the same lack-of-lifeguards reason.


With the Harmful Algae Bloom problem also creating havoc and causing short and long term closings over the last several years, our Village Board has been tracking the costs to stay open, even when life guards are available.  Available open swimming hours along with training and other costs have made this a difficult position for young people looking to supplement college costs.  Add in health department and DEC regulations, and with a noticeable lack of people using the beach during the week we may not be able re-open.


The Board has been investigating other options to enhance the water and playground experience for every child.  As part of our LWRP (Local Waterfront Revitalization Plan) we are considering adding a splash pad nearer the new playground equipment.  This will ensure a clean, safe environment that kids of all ages can enjoy.


With this closure notice I feel most badly for the many families who have wonderful memories of swimming and games during what was a great time to grow up in and around Union Springs.  And I feel most excited as we build out our park and downtown to create new memories and activities for locals and visitors alike!



Bud Shattuck

Mayor, Village of Union Springs