Notice is hereby given that a Public Hearing will be held by the Planning Board of the Village of Union Springs, Cayuga County, New York on January 14, 2021 at 6:05 pm via Zoom Video Conference, or as soon thereafter as the matter may come to be heard, in the matter of the application of Spring Street Road 2 Solar Project proposed by Novis Renewables, LLC. The Public Hearing will be for granting of site Plan approval by said Board of a community solar array as shown on a map prepared by Bergmann (Engineering Consultant). The proposed project is comprised of an approximately 32.50+/- acre community solar farm on a 118.50+/- acre parcel located at 40 Spring Street Road, Union Springs, NY 13160 (Tax Map # 141.10-1-10.1). The proposal involves an approximately 5.00± MWac solar array with driveway access on Spring Street Road.


All parties of interest and citizens must contact the Village Clerk for Zoom Conference call-in information prior to the meeting to be able to join the conference call and be heard by the Board at said public hearing scheduled at said time.


By Chris Yorkey, Acting Chairperson, Village of Union Springs Planning Board. For Zoom meeting ID and Password contact the Village Office at or call 315-889-7341.