Due to the removal of the bridge on Foundry, Factory Street will be changed to two-way. This two way movement will not happen right away as the construction on Rt. 90 and on Foundry will be happening simultaneously.


Our immediate and hopefully temporary solution is to open Creamery road into Frontenac Park as a single means of exit.


Milling and paving of Creamery will begin next week and all appropriate signage will be installed prior to the gate(s) being removed. Remember, this is only a way to exit (one way traffic) from Factory Street.


The Village will monitor traffic through this change until the DOT project(s) are complete. We will also see how snow plowing goes early on.


We know this will be a major inconvenience for those who live on Factory (no on street parking will be allowed) and on Creamery for the residents bordering the Park. Changes to any traffic pattern are unsettling, but remember this problem was not created by us. The culvert project of NYS DOT has created a myriad of other changes that we are attempting to adapt to with all of the Village residents in mind.


We ask that you please be patient as we work through these and other unanticipated problems