Boat Launch – The project is 99 percent complete. We are all very proud of how it looks. We also recognize the fishing and boating community and the resources they bring to the Village, so thank you for your patience.


The launch will be open SUNDAY – APRIL 5 after 7 a.m. Currently the water is very low (36 inches at the end of the dock and slip) and many boats could struggle or be damaged. Also, there are no cleats on the docks. Which means it will probably take two people to put a boat in while you park your trailer. There are cleats on the floating docks. Because of this there could be a problem with the new regulations in regards to Social Distancing. We understand that the lake may be the safest place to be, but how you get into the lake will take some thought on your part. Restrooms will remain closed for the time being.


The Playground – because Covid-19 adheres to metal for up to three days and our new equipment is all metal, we are closing our playground immediately out of concern and caution of contamination. Additionally, New York State has closed all of their playgrounds. Hopefully when nicer weather gets here some of the restrictions can be lifted.


Basketball Court – Single individual shooting is allowed but not much fun. Outside of family – NO 1 on 1, 2 on 2 or other.


For the boat launch, we will watch daily to see how you handle yourselves. For the playground and hoops, we will have zero tolerance for non-compliance.


Be aware, be polite, and be safe. Police yourselves because you will not be happy if the Village has to make health decisions that affect everyone. If strict Social Distancing cannot be followed, WE WILL NOT HESITATE TO CLOSE OUR FACILITIES DOWN.