As of today, April 20, 2020, Factory Street in the Village of Union Springs is now a two way street.  For those residential property owners and drivers on Factory Street, Creamery Road through Frontenac Park is temporarily opened.  There is only one way traffic north and a posted speed limit of 20 mph.


For those who have been through this before Factory Street was converted to one way traffic, we know that entering into Cayuga Street/Rt. 90 is dangerous.  Additionally all of the construction vehicles will be using Factory and are not allowed to exit through the Park.


As this project is expected to last about 6 weeks we encourage everyone who lives or visits on Factory Street to re-think their parking situation.  We will be marking the street as best as we can and because of the two way traffic (with trucks) there can be no on-street parking.  We will give warnings if this becomes a problem and may tow away repeat offenders.



Mayor Bud Shattuck