As many of you may are aware, the Village of Union Springs recently encountered a water main break. The repair to the system has been completed. Notification to property owners was handled through local media channels-television networks and the local newspaper.


Unfortunately the Village’s email notification system was unavailable during the time when the water main break took place. We apologize for the system’s unavailability as we know that many of you rely on the email notifications when something like this happens. The communication issue has been addressed. Cayuga County 911 has a reverse call emergency system that we are utilizing. Please take a few minutes to sign up for future notifications by completing the attached form. This free service available to all Cayuga County residents.


Sign up for the Hyper-Reach system (reverse 911) by completing the form. Citizens may call 315-975-4225 or text ‘cayugaalerts’ to 828-201-3877, this will ensure that in the event of an emergency, the system will reach your cellular device.


Reverse 911 Sign-up Form