As we approach Christmas, the New Year and other holidays, I wish to extend my hope for everyone to have a safe and family filled time.


After the fire at the Academy school the village reached out to offer support and/or logistical help.  The history and cooperation between the Seventh Day Adventist community and this village is very important.  It was heartwarming to hear that many others reached out, including our local school district. The best to them in their cleaning up and rebuilding efforts.


Many of you may have also read about or heard that our water supply was affected by a problem in the water stripper.  The County Health Department did a good job of notifying the public.  As they stated the risk were minimal but getting the message out to those who may be more vulnerable was critical.


The construction project going on at the same site is for a redundant stripper.  Nothing they did caused the problem; it was a computer board issue.  When the project is done (probably May) our chances of future problems should be alleviated.


A reminder that parking on ANY street during the winter months (Nov. 1 – April 1) is forbidden.  Please make arrangements to have your vehicles safely parked.  You may be ticketed even when there is not a storm as this is a law, not a suggestion.


Cold weather and big storms affect our health and safety, so stay warm and dry, drive carefully and please, look out for one another!


Mayor Bud Shattuck