My first 12 weeks in office have been busy. As I am new to this position, I (with the board’s approval) have made some changes which I believe have the best interest to you the taxpayers.


We have instituted a mandatory fee for the boat launch at Frontenac Park. This service is free to all permanent residents of the village and also to those of the Town of Springport. Please call or stop into our office to see how to register. The resources we collect will be used to replace our existing dock(s) and enhance the launch and areas surrounding them.


We also worked with the (local) Springport Chamber of Commerce to help provide a safe and exciting family time when the Bass Elite and ESPN national fishing tournament returned to our small, but beautiful community.


Right after “The Event”, we will be welcoming the Owasco Paddlers group to set up and offer rentals of kayaks, canoes, paddleboards and more. The start date is July 1.


As a further result of the GE/Powerex water contamination, there will be a new and redundant stripper added to the pump house area across from the school. Be on the lookout for construction from mid-summer until possibly early next year.


The pavilions are ready and being reserved. Here in the office we hear of many family gatherings, reunions and celebrations. One of these is the graduations of another talented group of young people. A testimony to the many skills of the students, teachers and staff.


There are other projects (and sometimes dreams) that we are working on, all with the thought of improving yours (and ours) lives. Possible reduction in electric prices through solar, upgrading of the playground equipment in the park, possible businesses moving in to provide services and the constant upgrading of vehicles and equipment that our dedicated staff utilize to keep Union Springs beautiful and safe.


Please also support the delicious chicken barbeques prepared by the Lions and the wonderful and varied meals sponsored by our local American legion, both great services to our community.


Have a great week,

Mayor Bud Shattuck