Updates from the village:


Our Life guards are now on duty 11am-7pm, 7 days a week.  Weather permitting.


Owasco Paddles are now serving our beachfront community.  Kayaks, canoes, and paddleboards Friday, Sat, Sun and Monday from 11am-7pm weather permitting.  They have life jackets and safety lessons available.


Merry-G-Round Playhouse Theatre was here on the 8th.  Everyone enjoyed the performance of The Tortoise and The Hare:  Rematch. Attendance was great and the performance top notch.


We are starting to clean up around the Mill Pond (North Pond).  The beavers have been plugging our outflow pipe and creating extra work for our staff.  The beavers are very industrious.  Theywill soon be re-located.  Also we will begin brush cleanup starting on the north side. I hope to have a village wide meeting on our efforts (soon).


I am also working on a Frontenac Park grant application to supplement our boat launch fees.  New docks, handicap accessibility and enhanced boat slips are in the future plans.


As the summer heats up, it would be good if we could all keep an eye out for each other.  Sort of a Neighborhood watch – The bench that matches the others in the village is missing from in front of the library.  The upcoming Rt.90 Garage Sale event brings many new and interesting people into our village.  Please be welcoming and aware.


Due to the rising sewer costs we are going to be raising the quarterly rates.  From $83.00 to $88.00 effective with the September 2016 billing.


Have a great week.

Mayor Bud Shattuck