The Village Board and the Mayor are going to make a better effort to find ways to have our residents involved with decisions affecting change and/or costs. We plan to host several community meetings over the next year. The topics we may address are the changes to the Mill Pond (off Rte. 90 and Howland St), sidewalks, solar, garbage and furniture /other pickups and other subjects that come up or are suggested to us.


We will try to find different venues and locations that meet your needs and accessibility. Some meetings may be conducted during our regular Village board meeting times as they might have legal implications.


Along with that idea, we have approached the Frontenac Historical Society about having a regular meeting in their building on Rte. 90, and they have graciously accepted. We will be meeting there for our October 18th meeting. We start at 6:00 pm.


The last large (very large – 150+ participants) fishing tournament is here this weekend, Saturday and Sunday the 27th and 28th. It is the New York State Bass Championship. For those of you who did not get to see the Bass Elite Tournament that was here this past June, you will get an opportunity to view it on ESPN2 this Sunday, August 28th at 8am and 9/4 @ 7am.


Also this is the last weekend our beach/swimming area is open as the school year approaches and most of our life guards are gone.


It was again nice to see the large turnout for the annual Jorgensen reunion. And so glad the weather (eventually) cooperated. The village is forever pleased with the wonderful pavilion donation and very glad they also continue to enjoy it.


And last but not least, Thank You Mother nature. We really needed that rain. Keep it up!


Have a great week,


Mayor Bud Shattuck