There is a Public Hearing on Nov. 21, 2017 @ 6:05pm at the Village Office re: Rental Properties.


Many people in Union Springs rent their homes/camps out.  Very seldom, but sometimes this causes problems with excessive noise, traffic, encroachment, etc.  As a community without a police force we often have to find alternative ways to regulate problems.  As such, we are seeking to enact a Rental Registry.


The Village understands the value of lakefront and other rental properties.  Our hope is not to make a punitive regulation, but to assure everyone in our community that should there be a problem, (one time or on-going) that there is a responsible person locally to take care of the complaint.  And to do this in a timely manner.


Our registry has no cost at this time.  It is simply to have a name and contact number for each rental property.  However, if we do not get responsible voluntary compliance, rest assured the Village will look at other ways to protect our citizens from problem property owners/renters.


While this rental registry is not specifically about Springport Cove, it is a direct result of public concern in that area.



Mayor Bud Shattuck

Tel. #607-227-6318