Welcome to summer 2017.  For all of our full time residents, our snowbirds and for those lucky enough to vacation or visit, we look forward to helping you have a safe and fun time.


Congratulations to all of our recent high school graduates!  May you all have wonderful futures and hopefully, some will stay or return here with MANY children to keep the community vibrant for decades.


The spring storm that again flooded our businesses and homes is behind us and the final NYS Deptartment of Transportation plan is close to approval.  Unfortunately, it will affect several businesses, create some traffic problems and give the Village crews much work in coordinating the project.  But not this summer, as the construction phase is scheduled for 2018 or 2019.  In the meantime, the temporary hoses are in for weather emergencies.


Speaking of storms, the past few weeks have seen many trees damaged by wind and biting rain.  As with other problems, when big trees come down our Village Public Works guys and the Union Springs Fire Department, Springport Fire District are always there to help clean up.


On to the Park.  Swimming started on Monday the 26th and the Lifeguards are already very busy cleaning the beach, providing information and keeping our families safe.


The boat launch is super busy and sometimes too busy.  A couple of weekends ago we had a beautiful day, a scheduled fishing tournament and lots of people eager for their first summer boating.  All of this was good until other unregistered groups showed up.  The bottom line, it got very unsafe with traffic as most of the 100 – 150 boats in the fishing tournaments all wanted out of the water at the same time, for weigh-ins. We as a board are working hard on a solution.


This is another reminder that the Village no longer does special pickups.  Arrangements for large items should be made privately.  For rates at the local landfills:


  • Auburn City Landfill      315-255-4155
  • Seneca Meadows         315-539-5624


Please follow all PARK RULES.  They are meant to prevent problems and enhance everyone’s visit.  Additionally, let me remind the many pet owners that the South side of the park is for leashed dogs.  No animals are allowed near the beach, the playground or the ball fields.  And please keep your autos off the grass.


Bud Shattuck