Good Morning:
I write this as we had another flooding incident. The NYS Department of Transportation had assured us the fix of the problem from two years ago would work. As we meet with them over the next few weeks I hope they can convey some sort of rational reasoning in their next steps forward. As with the fire at the Academy, when something happens in our community, it doesn’t just affect a few, it affects and matters to us all. And a huge thank you to our DPW staff and local Fire Department for their response and really, saving lives and property.

Another sad but less profound occurrence happened over the weekend. Someone (evidence shows a few) did damage to our wooden fencing, caused other damage and left beer cans/bottles near our basketball court and little league field. We are currently surveying the camera footage to try to find out who they may be. Please, please have respect for our community property.

On a high note, the weather is getting warmer, the grass is greening and the leaves are budding. At last! As I grow older, I believe the winters are starting later and ending later. Maybe it is just me.

Mayor Bud Shattuck