If you have ever been in the Post Office here on Center Street, then you have probably noticed the ever changing displays in the inner office. Many kudos and “thank you”(s) to Linda Zach for this unique way to celebrate the holidays and our history!!!!!!


The winter parking rules are still in effect until April 1st. Please park off street even when there is no snow.


Spring will be upon us soon and I am sure everyone will want to be sprucing up around their homes. A reminder that we will NOT be doing brush pick up or mulching until the weather is better and our plows have been removed from the trucks. Also we prefer that you bag your leaves and yard waste in paper bags as they are compostable. Plastic leaves a mess down the road.


And when the park opens and more people start walking through, the south side of the parking lot is for dogs. Please leash them and pick up after them. The village has provided a receptacle on the south side of the public restrooms for disposal of pet waste. Everything else in our park is carry in/carry out.


This newsletter’s less positive note is about some derogatory graffiti found on local street signs. Hopefully, this was a onetime thing and maybe the result of a young person seeking attention. If you see anyone spraying or defacing property in the village please feel free to contact me, or better yet contact the Sherriff or State Police. And again, be good neighbors and look out for each other.


The construction project at our water plant, across from the high school is on schedule and should be finished by May.


Shortly after that the village is looking to add a large solar field of panels to that site. This should result in a huge savings in energy costs for us and an opportunity for many residents (and some businesses) to also receive this electric rate savings. More on this soon.


The village election is nearing, and I hope you will all take the time to vote. This year 3 of the 4 Village Board seats and the Mayor are up for election. I will state again: there is a need for public participation and so if you are happy say so, and if not say so. Be involved.


Have a great week,


Bud Shattuck