After meeting with the NYS Department of Transportation and the contractor for the culvert project, CCI, I have compiled a schedule of construction for the project this summer and fall.


Project starts – May 10, 2019 with Project Review from May 13 to June 21

Abatement (contaminate removal in buildings) June 24 – July 19

Signal Light installed for one lane traffic Basin to Foundry St. July 22

Building removal July 22 – August 2

Culvert Road Work August 5 – September 26

Road re-opens to 2-way traffic September 26

Gillespie lot work September 4 – October 28


Note: Except for Project Start, all dates are tentative and could start and/or end later.  All culvert work is expected to be done in 2019.


Keep these dates in mind:


Memorial Day Parade – May 27 (no changes)

Mackenzie-Childs Barn Sale – July 18-21

Route 90 Sale – July 26-28

BASS Elite Tournament – August 20-25



Mayor Bud Shattuck