The big projects that we initiated and wrote about in 2017-2018 got underway in 2019.

The largest and most visible was the new culvert to replace our 150+ year old culvert. It starts behind Gillespie Chevrolet and culminates in an open culvert on the west side of our historic business district on Rt. 90/Cayuga Street.

Removing buildings was the only way to get the culvert size needed to handle the large climate changing storms we have had in 2015 and 2017. The flooding in our businesses and homes was devastating and hopefully the NYSDOT has engineered a long term solution.

For the rest of the winter season the work being done by CCI (the contractor) is on hold. Most of the big dig work is done. But the project is far from complete. Rt. 90 will need to be repaved, the installation of a perimeter fence around the open culvert will need to be installed as well as the replacement of lawn, trees and sidewalks. All this is part of the plans for Spring 2020. And of course, the removal of the bridge on Foundry Street to accommodate heavy rain fall events. Also important is the protection of the exposed waste water (sewer) pipe under the Foundry Street bridge. Additionally there is much work to do to return our cemetery, neighbors lawns and the Roto Salt/Zach property to their original (or better) conditions.

I have written to DOT to express our thanks for a smooth construction operation and to relay our thoughts on what needs to be finished next Spring. There is an emphasis on the waste water pipe as storm damage prior to the designed protective finish could result in large amounts of raw sewage flowing directly into Cayuga Lake.

Hopefully, the winter weather will stay mild, the spring rains will be manageable and this project will be a positive improvement to our community.

Along with the NYSDOT culvert project we had another very visible construction undertaking. Cayuga County Water and Sewer Authority have been installing 25 insertion valves and replacing 14 non-operable fire hydrants. With many variables in a mishmash of water lines there have been numerable logistical problems.

However, the insertion valves are in which enables the workers to shut off smaller segments of the Village water supply as the replacement project moves forward. Again the weather and other scheduling problems has pushed the completion into 2020. There are 4 hydrants left to be connected (all on Center Street) and although they each raise separate concerns, everything shall be finished by early Spring.

When completed the Village will be back to a full complement of 58 fire hydrants. Next will be instituting a scheduled flushing of all hydrants each year. Also there is continued hope that there will be a renewal effort to coordinate services and training with the Union Springs Fire Department, Springport Fire District.

Best Regards,
Bud Shattuck, Mayor