In light of the recent school shooting, I have this to say. I am extremely confident and comfortable with the young people in our community and with their parents, teachers, administrators and support staff. I personally have more concern with the school bus drivers and their tremendous responsibility they have in what is often extreme weather conditions. But let us be vigilant, aware and of course, if you See Something or Hear Something, then Say Something.

On another note I receive, as does the Village office staff and the Board, a number of “great job, well done” accolades about the way our Public Works guys keep the village streets clean and clear of snow and ice. We couldn’t agree more. Living in this community has many perks and having safe travel is one of them.

Daylight Saving Time starts Sunday March 11th. As it gets light later in the evening, hopefully it translate into the end of cold weather.

And last, those of us who represent you here in the Village are working with multiple local, regional and state officials and volunteers to help clean up and save our lake. This is a long term project that will take all of us (and you) to fix. There are a myriad of problems and an equal amount of ideas and opinions. And everything has a cost. I will do my best to keep you informed about meetings and possible ways you may be able to help.



Mayor Bud Shattuck