DOT culvert project – While the construction of this project is complete the mowing and maintenance issue of the properties west of Cayuga St. has not been resolved.  New York State DOT bought three lots and “took” part of a fourth. They now contend that they don’t have maintenance responsibility because it is a side of the road water project. At the same time, they planted $1000’s of dollars of trees in which they have a one-year maintenance agreement and/or replacement. Despite my frustration with the answers from DOT from this point, I believe the issue will be resolved soon.


The Roto Salt/Zach property between Basin and Factory St. is now empty of construction equipment and the Village is working with DEC on a final order based on the 2017 grant.


The boat launch @ Frontenac Park has been super busy, and the Village is hearing lots of positive things from pleasure boaters and tournament fishermen alike.


The playground is also super busy and is getting the same type of rave reviews from our community. We are also so happy that the Southern Cayuga Little League is able to play. It is a great, safe, social activity for our youth.  Maybe we can also get in a Summer Concert at the park before school starts.


The Village has finished purchasing all of the street lights and arms from NYSEG and are starting the contract with the New York Power Authority on upgrading to LED lighting. We are also looking at a grant that may add other attributes such as, weather stations, Wi-Fi and more cameras to provide for a safer community.


Our solar project has been held up by regulatory issues. First, is the interconnect costs associated with the project and the connection through NYSEG. But that should all be done before end of summer.


The sidewalks between Basin and Factory St. are partially done. Many kudos to our limited DPW staff for the work they are putting in on this and other projects this summer. Because of COVID, there are lots of construction projects going on in the State therefore creating a shortage of concrete. We are waiting our turn. We are also looking for grants to complete the other half of the sidewalk, between Factory and Chapel St.


On the business side, our sincere appreciation to Tom and Mary (and before that Pete and Sharon) for the service they provided to us from The Produce Place. As you drive by you probably see that the construction is underway on The Dollar General. The estimated opening is November.


I also want to call attention to the transition of ownership at the Shurfine. Let’s continue to support this great, local business. New businesses have also opened. The Bait Shop on the corner of Factory and Cayuga St, the Salt of the Earth restaurant next door to that, Pete’s Treats expansion, and Susan Servings has also reopened. Special thanks to Susan, whose passion is baking but real job is being a nurse. She closed down during the height of the pandemic to serve unselfishly.


The regular day of the week for brush pickup and chipping is Tuesday. However, with the limited summer staff in our DPW, they often have to alter the pickup schedule due to other projects or emergencies. Please be patient!!!


And lastly, this has been a long hot summer and there are a lot more people around than usual.  That has led to a number of personal fireworks displays. It is illegal to have fireworks in the Village without a permit.  Also, be courteous to your neighbors and neighborhood. It is dark by 9:00.


We have a really, really great community!


Bud Shattuck

Mayor, Village of Union Springs