This seems like a good time to discuss Frontenac Park.  There are three major things happening, each with a different level of impact.


First, we are installing a launch/parking meter.  It operates similar to city parking meters.  The good news is that it will take credit cards as well as cash.  The new rate will be $6.  The bad news is that it will not take $10 or $20 bills.  $5 and $1 bills and change will work, as well as the aforementioned credit card.  A dated ticket will be produced to put on your dash for proof of payment.


The second piece of the three is the Bass Master Elite Fishing Tournament.  It will be here August 19 – 25.  The boat launch is closed to the public during the tournament.  The exact closure dates will be posted soon.  It will be a tough summer to showcase Union Springs with all of the construction, but hopefully it will boost our business here and throughout the County and Finger Lakes area.  If the weather turns out nice this could be the largest crowd event ever in the village.  Good weather and good behavior are always a plus.


And the third phase is the expansion of the boat launch from two slips to three.  This project is expected to start in October and will require a launch closure for a few months.  Additionally, the docks will be replaced and the paved entrance into the water expanded. The poured concrete slips will also be replaced and extended. There will be a boat cleaning station added to hose off vessels and trailers to prevent weeds and other debris from being transported to other lakes and waterways.


In 2020 the park as well as much of the village should look and feel better for all of the changes.



Mayor Bud Shattuck