It is now November and all of the Village employees are busier than ever.  As with most businesses, homes and individuals, the lists seem endless.  And that doesn’t include emergency situations that pop up.  Like our water main break/leak on Saturday the 14th.


Let me try to walk thru the timeline and follow-up.  The leak was reported late in the afternoon, around 4:00.  Without knowing the extent of the leak our Public Works crew went to investigate.  Realizing the amount of flow was more than just a small leak, it became all hands on deck.  Finding the source of a leak, digging it up and fixing it are not as simple a task as one might think.  First you TRY to shut off the area valves.  But before you dig you must have Dig Safe (NYS and NYSEG) determine where gas and other underground utilities may be.  This is a great service if you know you are going to dig, to prevent hitting something you didn’t know was buried there.  However in an emergency it takes time for a designated person to get there and clear an area to work in.


Our Public Works crew worked almost 12 hours on finding the problem, fixing it and subsequently making sure we all had water when we woke up Sunday morning.  We can’t thank them enough.  The County health Department stepped in to test and to make sure the water was safe to drink.  They also contacted local TV stations and newspapers to communicate with the public.


For those of you we personally spoke to, exchanged emails with or talked with on the phone, we thank you for your feedback on improving our process of communication during emergencies. We have contacted the County Emergency office to find out more about and get as many people as possible into a reverse 911 call system.  That information is available in our office now and we will include it with our next water/sewer billing in January.  If you have a Verizon landline you will be automatically on the list.  If you have a cell phone, you will need to sign up.  Additionally we are working on our internal Village protocols and training.


So Thank You all for your patience and understanding as we work though improving emergency plans for everyone.


Mayor Bud Shattuck